Welcome to

Dominion Public Market

A place to eat.

A place to gather.

A place to celebrate.

Welcome to Dominion Public Market,
Fredericksburg's premier location to eat, gather and celebrate. Dominion is a place to connect with friends, celebrate special moments with family, or discover your untapped culinary talent.  Within the 35,000 square foot facility, several visions have aligned to build an unrivaled culinary and event experience that supports the region’s workforce and local community.
Interested in testing your next great food concept at Dominion Public Market? 
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12,000 Square FOOt
Food and market vendors
Open seating
Free WiFi
The Food Hall
Explore unique and evolving food concepts including local favorites at Dominion Public Market's first floor food hall. Grab a quick lunch, find a quiet study spot, or bring the team down for a celebration dinner!
The Market Place
Mixed throughout Dominion Public Market's food hall will be our local market vendors. Where you will find produce, goods and prepared foods along with some local retail items. Here you'll be able to pick up an inspiring new ingredient or a last minute gift idea.
8,000 Square FOOt Kitchen
Culinary Teaching Classes
Coming Soon
Culinary Kitchen
Our Culinary Kitchen program immerses you in an environment that’s as close to the real world as it gets. Working in a modern, professional kitchen, you will be able to hone your cooking skills as you focus on learning to deliver the popular flavors and techniques today’s consumers—and employers—want and expect. You’ll be surrounded and inspired by other talented, creatively driven chef's.
5,500 Square FOOt Event Space
two Full Service bars
3,000 SQFT Lounge and Bar
Meeting Spaces
Events & Music
Dominion Public Market’s event hall is available for rent and can accommodate up to 250 people.  There are two full service bars and a commercial teaching kitchen. From culinary classes, weddings, reunions and community gatherings, the event hall provides the creativity backdrop when planning and hosting your most memorable event.  The rooftop music and entertainment space is unlike any other view in the city, and will become Fredericksburg’s featured celebration place.
Join Fredericksburg's new food destination.
For you, food isn’t just what you eat. It’s how you express your creativity and who you are as a person. Tell us why your idea is the next great gastronomical experience.
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